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Clap it up with host Carlos PenaVega for the brand new trailer of Webheads! This awesome new game show starts June 2nd at 6pm/5c on Nick!

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Carlos PenaVega, host of Webheads, premiering June 2, 2014 at 6pm ET on Nickelodeon

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Carlos with the crew behind Webheads (via @themenacedenis and @calebcraignelson on IG)

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Instagram posts by the crew of Webheads:

"We can still pass as 12 year olds right #webheads #nickelodeon" (via @shayjaffe)

"So that happened…sliiiiime tiiiime #webheads #nickelodeon" #DoubleDare(via @kpitzen)

"Last day! #hollywood #setlife #nickelodeon #gameshow #tv” (via @calebcraignelson on IG)

"Three amigos on set" (via calebcraignelson)

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"Panera breakfast sandwiches and a coffee truck! Our host is kind of awesome..thanks Carlos! @therealcarlospena #webheads #setlife #workisawesum” (via @johnyu7 on IG)

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"That’s a wrap! Amazing crew and such a pleasure working with Carlos. @therealcarlospena #webheads #setlife #thatsawrap” (via @johnyu7 on IG)

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#Webheads Season 1 wrapped! Turns out? @therealcarlospena is a great host and a great guy #hollywood #setlife #tv #nickelodeon” (via @calebcraignelson on IG)
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"You know the talentcostumer relationship is solid when you both show up to work in matching greyblackcamo uniforms @therealcarlospena #webheads #setlife" (via @jillie_vanillie on IG)

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"Final Day Of Shooting @therealcarlospena #webheads" (via @mikedausend)

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"We run this shit…sorta @danborrelli #webheads "We kinda dont do anything #webheads" "We fancy #webheads #workcanbefuntoo" (via @johnyu7 on IG)

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